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Ambitious organisations use A115's software development and IT consulting services to:

Build innovative platforms

Start-ups and innovation teams in established organisations want to have the freedom to focus their resources on their core competitive advantage without the burden of costly technology R&D. Founders and tech leaders understand the importance of launching a new platform fast and releasing new features on a regular basis.

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Access new markets

What your business has to offer is unique and valuable. You want more people to know about it, so you have to make it easy for the right customers to find you. There is an art and a science to bringing your business on-line so you can reach a wider target market. Tell us about your business and let us help improve your on-line presence!

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Achieve extraordinary efficiencies

Established enterprises want to save time and money while increasing their ability to process more transactions and continuously improving quality. The key to realising ever-increasing efficiencies is to understand and automate business processes. At A115, we have a proven track record of creating smart solutions to challenging problems.

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Attract top talent

People are your most important asset, so you want to choose wisely. Given the right environment, a top-notch software developer can be 10 times as productive as a mediocre one. Unfortunately, you know that top-notch is hard to find and harder yet to keep. Let us help you recruit the best of the best.

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World Class Quality Guarantee

If using our services does not help you to fully achieve your objectives or improve your key performance indicators, contact us within 60 days of the work performed. We will not only refund any software development and consulting fees paid to us - we will also work with you for free until you achieve your expected results.